Two Trannies and a Motor Caravanny Broom-Broom: 7 The Journey Home

We left site at 10am, stopping at Tesco’s to buy lunch and cider to take home, we headed for Plymouth. There was hardly any traffic heading in our direction, but it was bumper to bumper in the opposite direction as people were headed to the coast for the Bank Holiday weekend. No doubt our quiet little campsite will be packed as it was filling up as we left.

From Plymouth, it was on to Tilshead Caravans via Exeter to drop MCBB back home. Once we had hauled our kit out and into the car it was hard to imagine this cute little wagon had been base. We had cleaned her up from the Cornish grass we trailed in from the site. However, MCBB has extra kit now for whoever uses her next as we left some basic stuff on board.

Having waved good bye to MCBB we headed back to Swindon via Marlborough. Wiltshire has its beautifulness too, and as we travelled Laura and I talked about walking round some of these. There lies the success of our little adventure, we both have our resolve back to do the active outdoor things we both loved and for one reason and another had let go.

Hiking, biking, sailing and fishing may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Sleeping bags and camping may not be putting on the glam in a ritzy hotel but it is exhilarating and rejuvenating. It’s adventure, it’s crazy and yes probably recapturing our youth as our true selves. Will we do this again – hell yeah! From Cornwall to the Lakes and beyond, from Wales to the Norfolk Broads the UK has plenty of places we can explore.

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