Two Trannies and a Motor Caravanny Broom-Broom: 6 Last Day

We woke early and managed to get down into the village for one last time. A bit of retail therapy is always a good thing; for Laura anyway. Of course, as we are heading back to Wiltshire tomorrow we have gifts to buy too.


We had breakfast at Cakebreads. For a little fishing village there are plenty of eateries to choose from. Lunch was always going to be fish and chips on the beach. We were joined by the politest sea gull in existence.




Sunburn from yesterday is leaving us both feeling a bit wasted so after lunch it was back to base and an afternoon with MCBB and chilling out before getting our kit together for the trip home. For chilling out read catching up on holiday reading for Laura and writing for me. I will miss my office under a birch tree. We will both miss the tranquillity of Gorran Haven which has given us such a great start to our annual adventures.

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