Two Trannies and a Motor Caravanny Broom-Broom: 4 Hook, Line and Sinker

This morning the clouds have gone the sun is shining and we are in for some heat. After breakfast and showers, we headed down hill into Gorran Haven for coffee and a muse along the harbour. I picked up a rod and tackle in the gift shop and cast out a few times. That’s all it took. I needed to spend a day fishing.

Chatting to our man at the Mermaid Café, who knows how to make a stonking good cup of tea by the way, mackerel, bass and rask are often caught off the harbor wall. Gorran Haven has quite a fascinating and somewhat fishy history – Gorran Haven. It just had to be done really.

Laura returned to camp for shorts and my rod and so we spent the afternoon using various bait to catch seaweed and almost a crab. From the harbor wall, we saw fish wandering past on their way to somewhere else. The sea water is that clear even on the swirly high tide you can see down to the rocks and sand that make the beach when the tide is out. Despite our catch of the day being weedy stuff from the sea Laura has now got the bug for tossing out a line for no reason at all.

After a day’s fishing, we ventured out with MCBB to Mevagissy for a fish supper that didn’t involve marine vegetation. We chose the Sharkfin, a cozy restaurant on the harbour’s edge.


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