Two Trannies and a Motor Caravanny Broom-Broom: 3 One Step Beyond


We woke up this morning in MCBB next to a field of ewes and lambs. The plan was to hike down the coastal path to the village and back up to MCBB for breakfast. Yeah, we all know what happens to plans. Within minutes a gentle stroll turned into hill walking along windy country roads so narrow it was hard to imagine any vehicle using them.



In fact, we saw no more than half a dozen cars before we cut into a footpath leading to the beach. Oddly the path started going upward until we reached the steps down the cliffside onto the harbour shore. The tide was going out and we skirted round a rocky point into the village. Gorran Haven consists of houses, a couple of cafes, a post office cum general store, a gift shop, a chippy and the hotel we had found the night before.



As we had to go to St Austell to get our supplies we decided to change plan and have breakfast at the Mermaid Café before hiking back up to the site for a shower then the trip off site. On the way back, we parked up at the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Wow, just wow. These amazing gardens are a treat, but be prepared for walking and some steep walking at that. From the beautiful flower and kitchen gardens to the Jungle and Lost World it seemed there was something breathtaking to see. Worth every amazing step.






We got back to site in the early evening and being the old-school divas that we are we settled in the van with a few hands of cribbage.

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